Financing Your Pharmacy

Pharmacy acquisitions should not be a leap of faith.

Independent pharmacies fill a vital healthcare niche in our neighbourhoods. We have funded thousands of pharmacy transactions, and each pharmacy offers something unique to its patients. Customers interested in purchasing a pharmacy with a specialty in compounding, home healthcare or long-term care facility benefit from our established networks that can match buyers with sellers, and 14 years of transaction data.

Our process begins with a review of the pharmacy valuation or financial statements which will determine the amount to be financed. We finance all components of the acquisition including goodwill, inventory, equipment and real estate. Whether your goal is to own a single location or multiple locations, CWB Maxium Financial is well equipped with talent and funding expertise. Our goal is to help you make your vision a reality. As your financial partner, CWB Maxium Financial will help minimize your initial cash outlay and preserve your capital for your business operation. Depending on your purchase price, CWB Maxium Financial may lend up to 100% of your acquisition price.

Our team specializes in Canada wide financing for the independent pharmacist. We are there to support you through any challenges and advise you throughout the buying or selling transaction. Hundreds of independent pharmacists trust us to help them grow their business. Count on us to give you sound financial information when you need it most.


Our specialty is pharmacy and we have expertise in funding all types of pharmacies across Canada. By working together in advance of tabling an offer, obtaining financing becomes simplified.

The Funding Process

Our team of dedicated healthcare financing specialists works at the speed of business to get the transaction funded. Our funding process separates us from any other lending institution. Pharmacists find us flexible, resourceful and creative with deal structures that are designed to support their business model.

Let us analyze your purchase

To assess your purchase price, cash flow is king. We look at a multiple of EBITDA, which consists of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. We also understand that financial statements are designed to minimize taxes and do not necessarily represent the true value of the business. Based on that, we would require the following when assessing the business:

  • 3 years of financials
  • Production reports showing the breakdown of revenue by Dentist, Hygenist etc.
  • Information on the location (i.e. lease documents or real estate valuations)


Navigating the business loan market

During the past 14 years, we have funded hundreds of pharmacy businesses. We finance leasehold improvements and remodelling along with interior and exterior improvements.

Every business wants to grow, and taking on the right debt is one way to do this. Many healthcare professionals use a line of credit, short-term debt and long-term debt. Consider long-term financing for acquisitions, remodelling and leasehold or improvements. For quick turnaround situations, such as inventory fluctuations, a line of credit is your best resource.


Equipment Financing

Get the equipment you need to stay competitive

We finance new and used equipment that enhances overall pharmacy efficiency while improving accuracy and patient safety. Does your pharmacy business model require a PacMed system? We finance all types of healthcare equipment with a minimum loan value of $5,000. Terms are based on useful life of the equipment.

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Lending money is what we do

Need an injection of new money? Pharmacists ask us to refinance existing debt for many reasons. As pharmacy becomes more patient-centred, it is imperative to find ways to enhance cash flow, obtain better terms and work with a lender that understands the independent pharmacy business. At CWB Maxium Financial, healthcare financing specialists work directly with you. All the decision makers sit across from each other to get your funding approved fast. Our business is to find a mutually beneficial solution. Our refinancing solutions are as creative as the needs.

From a lender’s perspective, what is your business worth?

A pharmacy valuation is commonly used to set a price or provide a value on the pharmacy business. This value is often different from a pharmacy’s value for financing purposes. A pharmacy valuation is a lengthy document made up of tangible assets such as inventory, equipment, fixtures, etc., and intangible assets, such as goodwill. For financing purposes, we primarily focus on the goodwill – a multiple of cash flow. “Loan to Value” is a financing term describing how much of the pharmacy’s value can be financed. For example, once we review the financial statements, we may estimate the pharmacy’s value at $2.5 million and we offer a “Loan to Value” of 100%, which means we extend $2.5 million of financing.


Succession Planning

Beyond pharmacy – the next frontier

Succession planning happens years before the actual transaction occurs. Working together with the pharmacist’s lawyer and financial advisor, we bring to the table an accurate view of the pharmacy sale price and can often match the seller with a with pre-approved buyer.

Our proven reputation, large client base and solid pharmacy networks across Canada give us the opportunity to work with pharmacy owners looking to sell and buyers looking to purchase a pharmacy. Our buyers will have the proper financing to execute on the deal.

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