Financing Long Term Care

Canada has reached a milestone, in July 2015, the Stats Canada number of persons aged 65 years and older exceeded the number of children aged 0 to 14 years. Our aging population creates a greater need for long term care facilities. Nursing homes, retirement homes or local domicile homes support our community needs. CWB Maxium Financial provides the funding you need to run a successful long term care business. With an aging population comes the demand for nursing home care. We can provide the funds to expand the care facility footprint and help scale the business.

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Real Estate

The Right Location

Your location is a key part of your business. Our goal is to provide a high loan to value, long term money while having the flexibility financially to run your business.


Leasehold Improvements

Modernize your facility and stay competitive

Nursing homes need to be upgraded. Similar to your personal residence, modernizing the facility in terms of aesthetics, efficiency and functionality is required to keep up your investment. Let us help you provide the capital to keep the business looking good.

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