Financing your dental practice

Our team specializes in Canada-wide financing for dentists. We are there to support you through any challenges and advise you throughout the buying or selling transaction. Dentists trust us to help them grow their business. Are you looking to buy out a partner or interested in purchasing a group of dental practices by acquisition? Do you need financing to set up a brand new dental practice or buy an established dental practice? We finance all components of the acquisition, including goodwill, equipment leasing and real estate. We want to help you make your vision a reality. Whether your goal is to own your own location or multiple locations, CWB Maxium Financial is well equipped with talent and funding to be the financial partner in your success. Count on us to give you sound financial information when you need it most.




Be your own landlord?

We finance leasehold improvements or remodelling along with interior and exterior improvements. We also fund real estate when it is part of a dental practice purchase or after the dentist is established in a neighbourhood and wants to own rather than lease the premises.


Equipment Financing

Modernize your equipment and stay competitive

Do you want to enhance your dental operations and keep your working capital intact? We finance equipment that is vital to the functionality of your practice, including Cerec equipment, dental x-ray, diagnostics and chairs. We put in place predictable payment plans that maximize your cash flow. We finance all types of healthcare equipment with a minimum loan value of $5,000. Terms are based on the useful life of the equipment.

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Lending money is what we do

When it comes to funding, dentists have a wide selection and access to competitive rates. For this reason, we offer unique financial solutions. We are able to offer longer terms and amortize the loan over an extended period to improve cash flow and monthly payments. When dentists come to us, we often see short-term loans and credit cards used to purchase equipment and grow the business. Refinancing gives these dentists the option to roll everything into one. Dentist refinance to enhance cash flow and obtain better terms with a lender that understands dental practices everywhere in Canada.

From a lender’s perspective, what is your business worth?

For refinancing, we need to know how much your dental practice is worth. We often receive valuations from dentist seeking financing. We finance based on goodwill – a multiple of cash flow and this is often different from a valuation. The valuation of a dental practice considers tangible (equipment, fixtures, etc.) and intangible assets (goodwill). Our financing is primarily based on cashflow. If you have a question for a member of the finance team, connect with us.


Succession Planning

Life after dentistry – the next frontier

Whether you retire or take on other interests, bring CWB Maxium Financial into the conversation with your financial advisor and lawyer early in the planning process. We have an accurate view of a dental practice sale price and can usually find the seller a buyer with pre-approved financing.

Our good reputation, large client base and solid healthcare networks across Canada give us the opportunity to work with dentists looking to sell and buy. CWB Maxium Financial buyers are usually pre-approved and will have the proper financing to execute on the deal.

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