what we finance


We finance professionals interested in purchasing a healthcare business.

Equipment Financing

We finance all types of healthcare equipment with a minimum loan value of $5,000. Terms are based on useful life of the equipment.

Expansion or Leasehold Improvements

We finance leasehold improvements, remodelling and interior and exterior improvements.

Expansion or Leasehold Improvements
Refinancing Existing Debt

Refinancing Existing Debt

As healthcare becomes more patient-centred, it is essential to find ways to enhance cash flow, obtain better terms and work with a lender that understands the healthcare business.

Real Estate Financing

It is important to secure a desirable location through a long-term lease, or, when applicable, CWB Maxium Financial may provide funding to purchase the location or building.

Succession Planning

Working together with your lawyer and financial advisor, we bring to the table an accurate view of the practice’s sale price and can often match the seller with a pre-approved buyer.