Benefits of Leasing

Finance programs customized for your club
• Cash flow requirements are specific to your club
• Your club’s equipment usage may not be “average”

Conserves capital
• Avoids large up front expenditures
• Allows your club to save capital for “non-leasable” projects
• Reduces dependence on new revenues to buy new equipment

Improves cash flow
• Your club avoids initial capital outlay
• Easy to budget – finance manager or committee will know exact future monthly costs
• Structured payment plans mean your club can match its expenses to its cash flows
• Fixed payments create a hedge against inflation

Avoid obsolescence
• Leasing encourages your club to plan the replacement of equipment
• Significantly reduces required maintenance budget
• Reduces down timeAffordably upgrade
• Leasing dollars go much further than cash
• Get equipment sooner
• Spreads the cost of equipment over its useful life

Utilize non-operating line financing
• Reduces dependence on operating line.
• Allows operating line to be utilized in other areas of your business

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Golf Turf Equipment

While owning turf equipment makes sense in some situations, today’s marketplace makes leasing the preferred choice. Through the design of a creative lease plan, courses can enjoy more control over their cash flow with reduced maintenance costs and less downtime achieved by acquiring newer equipment sooner.


Golf Car Equipment

From tailoring a golf car lease to maximize the financial performance of your golf car fleet to adding a few extra cars, we will customize a lease solution to reflect the usage specific to your course requirements.


Golf Non Core Asset Leasing

We offer leases for non-core assets such as above ground irrigation components and pump stations, kitchen and restaurant equipment, general office equipment and much more.

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