Golf Equipment Financing

Golf Equipment Financing

Many of us at CWB Maxium Financial are passionate about the game of golf, and in 1993 we committed to provide financing solutions to the Canadian golf industry. We offer customized golf car and turf equipment finance solutions that respond directly to the specific needs of each customer. In addition to traditional equipment financing, we also provide non-core asset financing for items such as, pump stations, kitchen and restaurant equipment and much more.
CWB Maxium Financial in an effort to provide a full range of product offerings to the Canadian golf industry also provides mortgage financing to the golf industry based on competitive terms, rates, flexible payment schedules based on our extensive experience in the golf industry. CWB Maxium Financial is active, present and engaged in the golf industry and remained committed nationwide to the Canadian golf community.
Whether you need a single greens mower, an entire fleet of golf cars, equipment unrelated to golf, or a mortgage for your golf course, our extensive industry knowledge and creative approach will provide you with well thought out financing options.

Turf equipment leasing

Today’s marketplace makes leasing rather than purchasing a preferred choice for many golf course owners. Through the design of a creative lease plan, courses can enjoy more control over their cash flow, with reduced maintenance costs and less downtime achieved by acquiring newer equipment sooner.

Golf car leasing

CWB Maxium Financial provides flexible leases to meet all your golf car needs. From tailoring a golf car lease to maximize the financial performance of your golf car fleet to adding a few extra cars, we will customize a lease solution to reflect the usage specific to your course requirements.

Golf course mortgages

We provide mortgage financing to satisfy the needs of a select number of golf courses. This brings the additional benefits of industry competitive terms, timely in-house credit adjudication, flexible repayment schedules and our extensive experience in the golf industry.


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Golf Leasing

Golf Course Non-Core Assets

In addition to traditional equipment leasing, CWB Maxium Financial offers leases for non-core assets such as above-ground irrigation components and pump stations, kitchen and restaurant equipment, general office equipment and much more.

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