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Eastern Canada, Central & Eastern Ontario

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Central & South Western Ontario

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Director, Condominium Finance

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Western Canada

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Financing Terms

  • Loans up to $50 million
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Financing for up to 100% of the project costs, including professional fees
  • No security is registered against the condo owner’s unit
  • Up to 10-year fixed rate, fixed terms and up to 25-year amortization periods
  • Progress payments facilities to finance work being done throughout each project phase
  • Direct payment of project invoices, ensuring timely payments to suppliers and contractors

Condo & Strata Financing

CWB Maxium Financial provides financing options to condominium Boards faced with reserve fund shortfalls. Industry-leading professionals in condo financing enable CWB Maxium Financial to provide your corporation with prompt, reliable, creative solutions. We work with the Board, property managers, owners, engineering consultants and contractors – attending Board and owner meetings if requested, to ensure questions are answered and each condo’s unique set of circumstances is considered – prior to creating the financing solution.

Benefits of financing with CWB Maxium Financial:

  • Offers owners the ability to pay for capital expenditures over the useful life of the common elements repaired or replaced
  • Avoids deferral of common element repair and maintenance, reducing cost increases that may result from escalating contractor costs
  • Exercises the borrowing capacity of the corporation to secure equitable financing for all unit holders, regardless of individual borrowing capacity or the situation
    of unit owners
  • Improves the building and units’ market value with little or no increase in monthly fees
  • Avoids costly and divisive special assessments
  • Distributes costs of the repair over time
  • Allows the corporation to benefit from energy-efficient projects that have a short payback period but require a capital investment upfront

Condo & Strata Financing

  • “The Board of Directors of our Condominium Corporation required guidance in obtaining major funding, to finance the complete roof
    replacement of our condominium building. Maxium Condominium Finance Group understood the situation, provided senior management
    attention to the details of the process, and provided our Condominium Corporation with
    the required loan. We’re very pleased with the experience.”

    Brad Compton, President
    Kent Condominium Corporation #15

  • “As a Property Manager of Condominiums throughout southwestern Ontario, I know how difficult it can be to establish adequate
    financing to pay for large capital reserve items. Their company has consistently provided a high level of service, and their ability
    to meet the needs at a variety of site locations has been especially helpful to me as the manager. I would not hesitate to recommend
    them for any financing project.”

    Darlene Clark CPM® CMOC ARP, Senior Property Manager
    Gateway Property Management Corporation

  • “Rob Mabe and his team at Maxium Financial have been a pleasure to work with. They provided a creative financing solution to one
    of our Condominium Corporation clients who was facing a significant cash call to fund a large, deferred maintenance and capital replacement
    project. The project included a complete rehabilitation and upgrade of a multi-level underground parkade as well as curtain wall and window
    replacement in the residential tower. When the Board was unable to achieve the necessary support from unit owners for the cash call, Novacorp
    approached several lenders on behalf of the corporation seeking financing options. Maxium was able to bring forward a solution that was cost
    effective and palatable to the unit owners without requiring encumbrances on each unit, and assisted the Property Manager and Board in
    presenting the solution to the unit owners in a clear, concise manner that was easily understood by the broad spectrum of unit owners.”

    Brian R.F. Lugar, President & Managing Broker
    Novacorp Properties Limited

  • “I am very happy with the service and results the Maxium financial team provides to my condominium clients. We rely on Rob Mabe’s
    long history and expertise working with condominium corporations. His team has a can-do attitude, and he continues to be an essential

    financing relationship for my clients.”

    Patrick I. Cassidy, Q.C.
    Cassidy Nearing Berryman Barristers Solicitors

  • “I cannot express how helpful Maxium Financial Services has been to our complex. The loan was approved for a substantial amount of
    money and the renovations began. This was a very smooth operation and Mr. McFadyen was on site on more than one occasion and was in
    communication with the Board on a regular basis. He and Maxium allowed us to bring our complex up to code and very up to date and modern.

    Mr. McFadyen and Maxium Financial Services have certainly helped Village on the Green get their required renovations done and not put
    any owner in a financial bind. I would, and have, recommended them to other condominium complexes due to their wonderful client service
    and willingness to help.”

    Anne E. Amero, President
    Village on the Green

  • “As the President of a large, self-managed condominium complex, I experienced the difficulties in obtaining a loan from a traditional lending
    institution for replacement of all the complex’s windows. When we approached Maxium Financial Services, it was immediately evident they were
    experienced in lending to condominium corporations. We were able to negotiate a loan that fit the corporation’s requirements with terms and
    conditions that were not restrictive. The team at Maxium processed our application quickly, which allowed us to proceed with our project and take
    advantage of bulk purchase discounts. If your condominium corporation is seeking a loan to fund common area upgrades, contact Maxium Financial
    Services, you won’t be disappointed.”

    Dennis Estey, President, Board of Directors
    Fairway Greens Condominiums


We are committed to the condominium and strata industry and have been originating loans with Condo corporations across Canada since 2002. To stay current, we are active members with the Canadian Condominium Institute including the CCI Toronto Chapter, the CCI Golden Horseshoe Chapter, the CCI Eastern Ontario, the CCI Nova Scotia, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, and the Condominium Homeowners Association.


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